Leta’s Book Review: Supernova by Marissa Meyer

I thought the first two books in this trilogy were amazing. I had already decided that it was my favourite superhero story. I had no idea how much better it would get after Supernova.

This review is going to be spoiler-free since I want to sell you on this series so hard (the previous reviews contained spoilers). There’s only so much I can say without ruining your reading experience, so it might end up being quite short. Links to the previous reviews are posted at the bottom of this review.

Nova and Adrian face their biggest challenges yet in Supernova. Both are still trying to keep their identities a secret on top of the climax reaching its peak. As the evidence stacks up against Nova, she begins to enact her end game with her allies and move against the Renegades. Little does she know that the evidence against her is far more damning than she ever suspected it would be. Adrian and the Renegades face a great number of threats, including one that they’ve feared for over a decade. Our protagonists suffer the consequences of their actions from the previous books, creating an emotionally devastating climax to the series.

Supernova is the perfect end to the Renegades trilogy. It rounds out the plot structure with a phenomenal finale that shocks the reader while allowing space for the final pieces of character development to fall into place. As a reader, I do have a preference for how things turn out—I root for certain characters more than others and I want them to choose certain sides. I won’t spoil what side everyone eventually lands on, but I will tell you that you will be more than satisfied. Satisfied, but not before you doubt a thousand times. Goodness, the amount of tension in this novel is insane. Every single scene had me tensed up and ready for something to happen. I read other reviews of Supernova once I finished and I agree with a lot of other readers: the first two books weren’t quite as good, but they made this final book absolutely amazing. Renegades and Archenemies were a bit slower so that Supernova could race to the astonishing finish.

I want to sit here for the next hour and write out every amazing thing that happened in this novel, but alas! I shall refrain. It’s an experience that everyone should have firsthand. I hope you pick the Renegades series up! And if you do, message me so that we can talk about it! I’m always open to having bookish conversations.


My review of Renegades (Book 1): https://www.litandleta.ca/home/letas-book-review-renegades-by-marissa-meyer

My review of Archenemies (Book 2): https://www.litandleta.ca/home/letas-book-review-archenemies-by-marissa-meyer


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5


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