Leta’s Book Review: The Lost Sisters by Holly Black

The Lost Sisters by Holly Black

Fantasy, Fairies, YA

Rating: 4/5

The Lost Sisters is a very interesting look into the mind of Taryn, Jude’s twin sister from The Cruel Prince. A novella set after the events of The Cruel Prince, The Lost Sisters is unmistakably an apology.

Taryn narrates this novella as she explains her perspective to Jude. She paints herself in a naive and ignorant light, but it feels like a more complete picture to the reader. It’s clear from early on in the trilogy that Jude and Taryn aren’t twins in the way that we are used to thinking about them. They’ve grown apart, each wanting different things: Taryn, to give in, marry, and belong in Faerie, and Jude, to become a knight and fight to protect Faerie.

This novella gave me more insight into Taryn and her true motives, since Jude is considered to be an unreliable narrator (and I agree – she sees what she wants to see most of the time and is not always right about it). I liked knowing more about Taryn and it felt like a more complete story as I went on to reread The Wicked King. I was able to forgive Taryn instead of look at her with suspicion. Readers should definitely try this one out during their next reread of The Cruel Prince trilogy.


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