Why Do I Blog?

Why Do I Blog?

by Myshara Leta

As part of my want to share more with you, dear readers, I want to tell you why I blog and how I want to blog going forward.

My main reason for starting this blog in the first place is still a valid reason now. I want to keep my writing skills in practise (and hopefully improve them). I spent a lot of years in school – nearly fifteen straight – and that did great things for my writing skills. I never really stopped. I was able to finish short stories and be motivated by deadlines and teachers. Now, I’ve been graduated for over three years and I struggled to write. However, this blog has a persistant nagging in the back of my mind, reminding me that I need to continue writing. About literally anything. But especially about what I love.

I’m also using this blog to get my name out there. I want to be an editor and that means making connections with people who need editing services. I’m going to be rolling out a new page here on the blog in the coming months, offering editing services. I’m terrified and excited, but I have a dear friend who’s down to bully me into doing it (which I asked for, don’t worry!). The golden advice I received in that situation was to be “more saucy”. I’ll be using that advice in many aspects of my life going forward. Feel free to do so as well!

I don’t have people in my real life to talk to about books. Yes, there are some people willing to have small conversations about them, but I want to have hours long talks with someone about everything we’ve read. Theories, favourite moments, etc. Since I don’t have that person in real life, I write the things I want to say down here. I imagine that I’m writing to that person. (So, if you are that person please let me know!!)

Writing for Lit&Leta fills my time up. It makes me keep reading and reach my goals. It makes me read more diversly. I only have one real job, doing social media for the BC Review (www.thebcreview.ca) and that doesn’t take much time out of my day. Lit&Leta gives me more structure and purpose. Unfortunately, my brain is still neuro-spicy and likes to decide to be mushy, and not helpful for writing a lot of the time.

Going forward, Lit&Leta is going to be the same amount of Lit, but more Leta. I want to make more of these posts just writing about whatever I want to in the moment. I’m hoping the freedom of doing that will help me to be more consistent with posting. Keep an eye out for that editing page in the next few months, and feel free to subscribe below to see more posts about me and more reviews. Thank you to everyone whose read or subscribe already. You guys are my people.


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