2023 Writing Goals

Welcome, 2023!

My writing goals for 2022 were massive and I’m not surprised at how little writing progress I made. I was intimidated. So, the bar is going down so that I can achieve my 2023 goals and perhaps even surpass them.

Instead of creating a novel goal with multiple steps, I’m going to focus on what is most important now. As with all of my 2023 goals, I’m going to hope to go above and beyond. For now, my novel goal is to Finish the First Draft.

I’m taking the same point of view with the rest of my writing projects. These goals look similar to the 2022 goals, but all of them are smaller. I want to Write and Revise The Chemistry of Yolks short story this year. One goal that isn’t changing is to Read at least one book about writing. And finally, I’ll aim to Plan, write, and revise at least one other project. This one is wide open. It could be a poem, short story, screenplay, or other smaller project. Anything but a novel. (Though I also have another novel idea that I’ll be using Adrienne Young’s The Storyteller’s Workbook to plan, but 2023 might not be the year for that.)

While looking back on my 2022 goals and seeing everything that I accomplished and talked about in 2022: A Year in Review, I realized that my blog should have some kind of goal to keep me on track and accountable. Since I was able to write and post 54 reviews in 2022, I’m setting myself a goal to Write and Post 60 Reviews.

What are your writing goals for 2023? Any specific projects you’re working on? Let me know!

To recap, my 2023 writing goals are:

  1. Finish the First Draft
  2. Write and Revise The Chemistry of Yolks
  3. Read at least one book about writing
  4. Write and Post 60 Reviews

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