2022: A Year in Reviews

I’ve tried to start writing this post so many times. How do I start a post that is meant to sum up an entire year? Planning for 2023 has already begun and looking backward doesn’t feel right. This post may well turn out like a list more than a fancy well-written recollection, but I think either is valid for this crazy year.

Let’s start with my reading challenge and other reading goals. Because I managed to read 110 books in 2021, I set my 2022 goal at 125 books. After struggling through the last quarter of the year, I finished my 126th book a few days ago! I started too many books in this last week to actually finish one, but I think 126/125 is pretty freaking awesome!

I wrote down so many series to read during the year, including The Witcher, the Drizzt series, and Sanderson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen. I forgot about these goals for the first half of the year and then didn’t have time to read any of them. The one goal I didn’t only start but finished was Throne of Glass. I started in January and read about a book a month until I finished Kingdom of Ash in August. I’m so glad I reread the series. It was a warm return to the world and to the characters.

I did receive the Kobo Libra 2 I talked about buying in that post and it made a HUGE difference to how many books I was able to read. I read faster on it, and the backlighting options on it meant that I could read easily in bed without hurting my neck or wrists (or my boyfriend’s sleep). I can’t wait to use it even more in 2023 to not only read more but save some money (eBooks being cheaper than physical books).

My writing goals were honestly lofty now that I’m looking back on them. Firstly, my novel goals were to have the first draft finished by June and a second one done by September. Though this was possible in theory, I wasn’t solid enough in my planning/plotting process to do that. I struggled almost all year with some major decisions about POV characters and plot points. My first draft isn’t the worst, but it isn’t done. More importantly, I made those decisions! The progress I made was exhilarating.

Secondary writing goals: 2-6 short stories/novellas written and revised. Nope, I didn’t do this either. I didn’t write any. I didn’t enter a writing contest or read a “how to write” book. (I might have just forgotten about the goals since no object permanence is a big thing.) My novel is at the top of the list above these, but I was hoping I would at least finish a short story if my novel was being difficult.

Next, blog updates! How many reviews did I publish this year? 54. I wanted to at least have one a week (not posted exactly, but an average of 52) and I did it! I love that I’ve had a blog long enough to make it such a big part of my life.

I made a lot of changes to Lit&Leta this year. I switched hosts and completely redesigned the blog, which was a huge game-changer. I love how it looks now. And a big project I’m working on for 2023 is now a lot more possible.

As for personal updates, there aren’t too many. Earlier this fall, my laptop died and I had to pull out an old one and pray that it worked. Somehow, it does. But it isn’t reliable and I can’t take it with me anywhere. It also doesn’t connect to the internet half the time. My mom and gramma did the most amazing thing and bought me a new one for my birthday (cue the tears) and I’ve been rejuvenated in my drive since then. I’m excited to start doing more things, going to more places, and bringing this laptop with me. I finally got to see some of my family from the States this summer, and my sister got married on a hot and beautiful September day.

2022 hasn’t been the most exciting year for me. A lot of this year was spent inside, not doing much and not going anywhere. It ended up exactly how you would think – a lot of struggling with depression and a renewal of my anxiety subscription. It’s given me a lot to think about for next year. I have lists of things I want to do, things I need to do, and things I’m not doing.

My partner gave me some good advice during one of my depressive spells: “you need to think of yourself as the main character”. So, watch out 2023. ‘Cause this year, I’m the main character. (I might even dye my hair some ridiculous colour just so everyone can tell.)


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