Monthly TBR: May TBR and the Upward Climb

May is when it actually feels like spring up here in the Okanagan. Two weeks ago, we had a few days of snow amidst the rain and cold. Now we’re considering getting the fan out, so we don’t die in our sleep (of the sudden heat). The seasonal depression turns a corner for me around this point in time as well. As the world around me grows bright and green and warm, it starts being easier to motivate and check things off the to-do lists.

I’m hoping to continue the process of that, which started a few days ago, with my TBR list for the month.         

–        Supernova by Marissa Meyer

–        Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

–        The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline

–        The Drowning Sea (Physical ARC) by Sarah Stewart Taylor

–        Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson

–        Book of Night by Holly Black

–        I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston

–        Some Mistakes Were Made by Kristen Dwyer

–        The Ghosts of Paris by Tara Moss (BC Review)

–        Boys I Know (Netgalley ARC) by Anna Gracia                                

–        The Island of Forgetting (Netgalley ARC) by Jasmine Sealy          

–        The Falcon (Netgalley ARC) by Isabella Maldonado                      

–        To Get to The Other Side (Netgalley ARC) by Kelly Ohlert            

I chose to keep Supernova on my list since I read the first chapter right before the end of April and I really want to finish. I’m continuing my reread of the Throne of Glass series with Heir of Fire. The ARCs are leftover from last month as well and I’m planning to finish them and leave reviews on Netgalley before they expire. Most of the rest are being published this month and I’m hoping to read them soon to get reviews out on them. I’ve been given a truly special opportunity: to read and review a new novel by Steven Erikson, The God is Not Willing. Unfortunately, I can’t read all ten massive novels in his Malazan series before this one, but my partner has read the first five and told me to at least read Gardens of the Moon and Deadhouse Gates (books one and two) so that I’m immersed in the world and can give a bit better perspective. I had them on my goals list for 2022 anyways, so I’m excited to have an excuse to start the Malazan books.

My writing goals are ambitious, but nothing that I can’t accomplish. First, I need to write 18 scenes in my novel. I was trying to write them in order, but I found that I was info-dumping SO MUCH and I had way too much self-reflection from my main character. So, I’m skipping ahead and writing other scenes first, in whatever order I want to write them. Getting words on the page is more important than those words making sense right now. The first round of editing is going to be harder, but I’ll actually get there.

My second writing goal is this blog. If everything goes as planned, you’ll be seeing eight reviews each month from me, as well as TBRs and Wrap-Ups. The excitement is building as the weather turns and as the near future becomes brighter.

My final goal is workouts. My sister’s wedding is coming up this fall and I’m taking the opportunity to set it up as a deadline. This means I need to get serious about getting in shape and feeling better.

I have so much hope for May, for me and for everyone else. We’re coming out of the darkness of the last few years and into the light of a relatively normal summer. I wish everyone an amazing May!


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