Monthly Wrap-Up: December and 2021 Wrap-Up

Holy moly. How the heck is it the end of December already? I waited until the final day of 2021 to write this post, so that everything I write will be accurate.

Firstly, my final monthly wrap-up. December wasn’t the most productive month by far, but it was the most relaxed. I spent the month planning the first quarter of 2022, which is insane to me. It’ll help the next year go smoothly and hopefully I won’t be able to fall behind on posts and I’ll be able to use my time to read instead of stress about things.

I read a total of six books this month:

–        The Most Precious Substance on Earth by Shashi Bhat

–        Graceling: The Graphic Novel by Kristin Cashore and Gareth Hinds

–        Gilded by Marissa Meyer

–        Cytonic by Brandon Sanderson

–        Skyhunter by Marie Lu

–        Steelstriker by Marie Lu

Each one of these books was amazing. My review of The Most Precious Substance on Earth is up at on The Ormsby Review. My reviews of Gilded and Graceling: The Graphic Novel are up now on this blog! Head on over to the main page and either scroll down to December 2021 dates or search for them. My reviews of both the first three books in the Skyward series (including Cytonic) and the Skyhunter duology will be arriving soon! I didn’t think that would cover all six, but it makes me proud that it did. I guess this month truly was productive!

Finally, 2021. As I write this, it’s 9:36pm PST on New Year’s Eve. This year was a lot, but I believe that it’s been more positive than negative. My reading goal is one of the big things to write about. I set a goal on January 1st, 2021, to read 75 books. We’re only two hours away from the next January 1st and I’ve officially read 110 books. According to Goodreads, that 147% of my goal. Insane!

What else have I done this year? I bought and built two bookshelves, a book cart, and a bunch of new books. I reinvigorated my blog a couple of times, building it up to the amazing number of views it got this month (THANK YOU!!). I was gifted a small exercycle for my birthday which is changing the exercise game! 10 out of 10, would recommend. I replanned my novel again. I’m realizing that that isn’t a lot. I want next year to be more.

In the last half of the year, I ramped things up and I believe that I’ve found my groove. 2021 was good. But 2022 can be great.

Thank you all for tuning into my blog this year. I’m so thankful to each and every one of you. See you next year!


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