Leta’s 2021 Wrap-Up: 2021: Another Year in Books

This year has been so productive for me. I’m so proud of myself for not only achieving my goal of 75 books but reaching further and finishing a total of 110. That’s wild to me.

Today’s post isn’t going to be very long, but I wanted to give you all a list of what I read and the order I read it in. I didn’t put the authors’ names in since I find that makes lists like this hard to read, but if you want to know one or more, message me on Instagram and I’ll be happy to let you know!

Without further ado, since this has truly taken me an entire year to write out, here are…


All the Books I read in 2021!

1.     Among the Beasts and Briars

2.     The Loneliest Girl in the Universe

3.     The Wicked Deep

4.     Journey to the Light

5.     Legendborn

6.     How to Pronounce Knife

7.     The Mind Set

8.     A Court of Wings and Ruin (reread)

9.     Skyhunter

10.  A Heart so Fierce and Broken

11.  The Push

12.  Zero Repeat Forever

13.  Once Upon a Dream

14.  The Old Man and the Sea

15.  The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

16.  The Princess Will Save You

17.  Concrete Rose

18.  Reflection

19.  You Are Here

20.  A Court of Frost and Starlight (reread)

21.  A Court of Silver Flames

22.  Sky in the Deep

23.  The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

24.  Cozy Case Files, A Cozy Mystery Sampler, Volume 11

25.  Stargazer

26.  Rogue: Untouched

27.  The Final Six

28.  The Cold is in Her Bones

29.  Bone Crier’s Dawn

30.  Cress

31.  House of Salt and Sorrows

32.  Fable

33.  The Deal of a Lifetime and Other Stories

34.  Normal

35.  Fairest

36.  The Infinity Courts

37.  The Life Below

38.  Brindille

39.  We Live #1

40.  Winter

41.  The Mermaid

42.  The Electric Kingdom

43.  Choose Your Own Adventure: Eighth Grade Witch

44.  Piper

45.  Naughty or Ice

46.  Life on the Refrigerator Door

47.  Open Lanes

48.  Anne of Green Gables Manga

49.  Stars Above

50.  The Devil You Know

51.  The Lost Ages, Vol 1: The Fort on the Moors

52.  Sage and King

53.  What If?

54.  Shadow and Bone

55.  Dead by Dawn

56.  How To

57.  The List of Last Chances

58.  The Next Wife

59.  The Darkest Part of the Forest

60.  Where It All Lands

61.  Emily the Strange: Piece of Mind

62.  Rattlesnake Road

63.  The Last Heartbeat

64.  The Last Namsara

65.  Goth Girls of Banff

66.  The Bone Way

67.  The Queen Will Betray You

68.  Realm Breaker

69.  How to be Owned by a 2nd Cat

70.  Siege and Storm

71.  Ruin and Rising

72.  Cowboy’s Pregnant Partner

73.  Radium Girl

74.  The Clockmaker’s Wife

75.  Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

76.  Watering the Soul

77.  Oddball

78.  The Betrothed (reread)

79.  The Betrayed

80.  Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World

81.  Skyward

82.  Six of Crows

83.  Small Favors

84.  The Caged Queen

85.  Namesake

86.  Snipe

87.  Aurora Rising

88.  Aurora Burning

89.  A Vow So Bold and Deadly

90.  The Day She Died

91.  Defy the Night

92.  Vampires Never Get Old: Tales with Fresh Bite

93.  What Once Was Mine

94.  The Hazel Wood

95.  Crooked Kingdom

96.  Stolen: A Memoir

97.  Murder Book: A Graphic Memoir of a True Crime Obsession

98.  Flower Crowns and Fearsome Things

99.  Velvet Was the Night

100. The Last Legacy

101. Once Upon a Broken Heart

102. Illuminae

103. Aurora’s End

104. Starsight

105. The Most Precious Substance on Earth

106. Graceling: The Graphic Novel

107. Gilded

108. Cytonic

109. Skyhunter (reread)

110. Steelstriker


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