Leta’s Book Review: The Last Legacy

Oh, my goodness. I didn’t think I could fall more in love with Adrienne Young’s writing. Her worlds, her characters, and her prose are so heartwarming and real to me.

Just like every heroine that Young writes, Bryn Roth is a force to be reckoned with. She walks into Bastian with the knowledge and ability to take on not only her own strange family, but the rest of the city as it attempts to work against her.

Now that I’ve read The Last Legacy, I’ve read every one of Adrienne Young’s books. Each one of them is more heartwarming and adventurous than the last. I fell in love with the world of the Narrows and the Unnamed Sea in Fable and Namesake. Returning to this world felt incredible. I had background knowledge of Bastian and the politics of that world, so it was easy to focus on Bryn as she tried to fit herself into the puzzle.

I did want this book to be longer. The romance needed more time to develop and become a bit more realistic, while I wanted to see more of Bryn running her show. It felt slower than it should have been for the first two-thirds, then sped up in the final third. It didn’t halt my enjoyment of the novel, but I think The Last Legacy would have been much more impressive if it had more time to dive deeper. Turning it into a duology like Fable and Namesake might have been a solution to this problem, since I know Adrienne Young’s books aren’t very long.

It was fascinating to return to the world of Fable and read about a story that stays on dry land, but I missed the adventure. I would love to hear more about Bryn’s story after the end of The Last Legacy to see where she goes next and what she accomplishes.

This is a brief review since I’m back-posting it quite late. Thanks for reading!



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