Leta’s Book Lists: Badass Heroines to Make You Join Your Local Rebellion

Have you ever wanted to join a rebellion? Liberate a kingdom controlled by an evil emperor or a scheming sorceress? Take your place as the benevolent ruler of a dying kingdom in need of change? Maybe just save those you love from the end-times? Look no further! Below is a list of the most Badass Heroines to give you the courage and purpose to join your local rebellion! Each one of these women aims to lead their world into a brighter future, free of slavery, oppression, disease, or death. Will you join them?


Laia of Serra—An Ember in the Ashes

– Laia is a slave living in Serra when her brother is arrested for associating with the rebellion. She realizes exactly what her people are up against when she joins the rebellion as a spy to save her brother. Though I haven’t finished her story, I know that her bravery and intelligence are at the forefront of her abilities. She uses them repeatedly to achieve her goals and stand strong with her allies against the evil that threatens their world. Joining her rebellion will surely lead to victory.

Amarande of Ardenia—The Princess Will Save You

– Amarande stands out on this list as the only heroine to be aware of her role (and open about it) from the beginning of her story. She is the princess of Ardenia. In this Princess Bride role-reversal retelling, a trio of hired mercenaries kidnaps Amarande’s childhood friend Luca. She doesn’t hesitate to run after him into unknown territory, though there are many secrets to be found in that vast desert that will change their fates. Amarande’s journey will teach her what it means to be a princess and it will test her faith in herself as she fights for that title and all that it means. Her courage in the face of usurpers and assassins is admirable and heroic, making us fall in love with her passion and willing to stand beside her until the end, just like Luca.

Linh Cinder and Scarlet Benoit—The Lunar Chronicles

– Linh Cinder is the best cyborg mechanic in New Beijing. As her life becomes entwined with finding a cure for the deadly plague known as Letumosis, she discovers secrets about both herself and the world around her. Though the lies that become known are startling and unbelievable, Cinder remains steadfast in her path towards finding the truth.

– Scarlet Benoit lives in a small town outside Paris, France, with her grandmother. They run a farm that provides food to the nearby town. Her no-nonsense attitude and ability to do what needs to be done leads her into Cinder’s path and gives her the strength the join a worthy cause–a rebellion of lunar magnitude. Though Cinder holds the key to unraveling everything, Scarlet plays an important role in getting Cinder from here to there. If there’s anyone who can convince you to join this rebellion, it would be Scarlet in your face, telling you just how much you can help if you give yourself a chance.

Corayne an-Amarat—Realm Breaker

– As the daughter of a ruthless pirate, Corayne is a gifted navigator and negotiator. Though she has never set sail before the start of this novel, she sets up every bit of each plan for her mother: everything from her pirate mother’s route across the sea to who will buy her merchandise when she returns. Realm Breaker is more of a setup to the rest of this epic series than the first part, but the strength that Corayne shows in accepting her destiny proves to me she will continue to fight passionately for the fate of her world. I’m proud to say that I’m joining her and her allies in their fight, and I hope you do, too.

Alina Starkov—Shadow and Bone

– Alina’s journey is a classic hero’s quest as she searches for the items that will help her defeat the threat to her world. Her success depends on those she surrounds herself with and her strength comes from their faith in her. Being along for the ride means watching her try to overcome her doubt and begin the arduous process of believing in herself: something that so many of us struggle with in our lives.

Celaena Sardothien—Throne of Glass

– Celaena’s entire journey isn’t clear in the first book of her series. It shouldn’t be, for the sake of the finale. The amount of misdirection in this series is huge, but all of it helps to lead Celaena towards rebellion. Despite how it may seem, Celaena is completely in charge of her own destiny. Every decision is one that she makes, and she carefully places every misdirection to move everything into position. Watching Celaena’s mastery of deception and plotting is a privilege that I highly suggest checking out.


These women are my daily inspiration. They have overcome obstacles and conquered fears throughout their journeys. Though the worlds they live in are against their success, each one of these women fights tooth and nail to save themselves and their worlds. But they show us that who you are doesn’t matter–what you shape yourself into through your decisions and actions matters more. Despite their lives and their positions in their societies, each one of these women enacts earth-shattering change. They achieve beyond their expected abilities and endeavour to help those that don’t have the ability. They prove both to us and themselves that they are worth so much more than they dreamed they could be.

These women are a few of the heroes in my life. Each of them possesses the qualities that I aspire to have: courage, bravery, passion, and hope. They believe in themselves the way I hope to one day believe in myself.

Are you ready to join your local rebellion? Because I sure am.


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