Monthly TBR: September Reading and Writing Goals

I can’t believe September is finally here. Fun Fact: this is the first September in 17 years that I’m not going to school. That feels so wild. Like I was telling my partner when I realized this, I feel old and young at the same time knowing that.

So, instead of school, I want to use this time to ramp up the productivity that I’ve been lacking the last few months. If I want to get my novel written, I need to buckle down and get myself together. It’s always hard to tell what’s depression and what’s laziness, but it shouldn’t matter anymore. I need to do this for myself. I’m going to do everything I can in the 30 days of September, so the update at the end of the month should be amazing.

Let’s head back to the list of books I’m going to read this month. It got long fast, but I believe that I can read them all.

–        Small Favors

–        Six of Crows

–        Crooked Kingdom

–        Renegades

–        A Reaper at the Gates

–        A Sky Beyond the Storm

–        Red Queen

–        Glass Sword

–        King’s Cage

–        War Storm

–        A Vow so Bold and Deadly

–        Skyward

–        Aurora Rising

–        Cold the Night, Fast the Wolves (Netgalley)

–        What Once Was Mine (Netgalley)

–        Namesake (Library)

I’m honestly excited for every single book on this list. The only ones I’m worried about are Glass Sword, King’s Cage, and War Storm because I’ve gotten halfway through Glass Sword before and had a hard time with it. Honestly, it got slow. I’m hoping the second time around goes better, but we’ll just have to wait and see. I can’t wait to feel the difficulty of choosing a favourite.

The two writing projects I’ll be focusing on are A Feminist Wizard’s Guide to Gardening and “The Chemistry of Yolks”. Other than that, no goals for me. Just as much as I possibly can.

Thanks for reading!


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