Hello, dearest reader! I’m back with another review for you today, this time on Fable by Adrienne Young.

Fable tells the story of the titular character, Fable, as she survives and barters her way across an ocean to reunite with her father. Along the way, she finds out more about the world she’s sailing into—and whether she wants to join it the way she thought. Full of rich characters and dazzling treasure, Fable is a wonderful story of adventure, betrayal, and love that is sure to enrapture you from the very beginning.

            The setting of Fable is unique in my reading history. First on an island of criminals, then on the deck of a large trading ship, this setting gets constantly rocked by winds, storms, and other hazards of sailing across a sea with only a small crew. Fable pays her way onto this ship but finds that she must help keep herself fed and safe by helping with chores. She is a natural around the ship, having grown up on her father’s, and easily fits into this ragtag crew.

            I found most of the characters to be easily recognizable as individuals, except for the two I kept getting mixed up with each other because they weren’t “on screen” as often. Fable herself is quite surprising, making decisions that change the course of her story over and over. For this reason, I believe this is a very character-driven story, which I prefer. Plot-driven stories have a high tendency to pull their main characters along without giving them a choice—this means that things happen to the main character, and they are constantly reacting, not acting themselves.

            I can’t wait to see what happens next in Namesake, the sequel to Fable. The plot became intricately woven and allowed for many possibilities to happen in the next book. Not only are we left waiting for the expected end to the cliff-hanger, but there were so many hints that could be major events during Namesake. This book is perfect for fans of Adrienne Young’s other novels and other books about pirates and sailing ships. I’ll admit I haven’t read very many but I’ll hope to read more soon. I believe fans of young adult fantasy and fantasy will enjoy this book immensely.

            Thank you for reading! I’ll see you all on Thursday with another review.



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