Concrete Rose

            As with every book I’ve read by Angie Thomas, I am in awe of the writing, the characters, and the continually rich world of Garden Heights. Angie Thomas has become one of the few authors that is an automatic buy for any new book she puts out. If you have read none of her novels, I suggest starting with The Hate U Give and reading Concrete Rose and On The Come Up afterwards in whichever order.

            Maverick Carter stars in a unique coming-of-age story that takes on a complex set of issues and gang rules Maverick must navigate through as they threaten to trap him in a world of struggle and violence. Concrete Rose was interesting to read as a prequel to The Hate U Give. I need to reread The Hate U Give, but this recent novel gave so much more insight into Maverick’s character as a father to Seven and Starr later in life. Thomas did a phenomenal job of building his character development in reverse for this novel.

            I read a lot of books in February, but this book and another gave me a theme I hadn’t intended. I read The Push earlier in the month, which is a book focused on motherhood. Concrete Rose being about fatherhood helped me to see a unique situation from both perspectives. I could write a whole juxtaposition piece about the two novels, but I could tell you right now that they are opposite stories in so many ways. My review on The Push is coming later this month (April), so watch out for that and you’ll be able to see for yourself. Better yet, pick them up! They are both five-star reads and phenomenal books.

            I recommend this book to fans of Angie Thomas, people looking for fictionalized stories about parenthood, and anyone looking for a good read that is sure to have you smiling by the end. My heart felt warm at so many points throughout the novel, but the ending really cemented the happiness that this book made me feel. I highly recommend it.



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