The Princess Will Save You

Hello! Today’s book is a retelling of one of my favourite stories, The Princess Bride. Without further ado, we’re talking about The Princess Will Save You by Sarah Henning.

While I was reading, I found so many nods back to The Princess Bride. I have a feeling that people will agree with me when I say that The Princess Bride is the ultimate comfort movie. My sister and I always chose it to put on while we were sick, and it helped us feel better. The adventure of Wesley and Buttercup has stuck in our hearts forever. The characters in The Princess Will Save You are all reminiscent of the beloved characters I know from The Princess Bride. So, the nostalgia factor is quite high for me in this book.

Next, I’ll talk about a couple of things that I didn’t necessarily vibe with, but only briefly. The first is that this is a feminist story (no, I don’t have a problem with feminist stories). It bugs me when feminism is pushy in the story. I wish it had been more subtle in the events and character decisions that proved this story to be a feminist one. I’ve read stories that are much pushier, so this one wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t enough to take off a star for me.

The other thing is something I’ve mentioned about quite a few books I’ve read recently. I wish that there had been more relationship development between Amaranthe and Luca at the very beginning of the story. It felt like their relationship was told through the narration more than the characters themselves.

Even combining these, I didn’t feel they were enough to take away a full star, so I gave this book 4.5/5 stars. I rounded it up to 5 stars on Goodreads. The plot had splendid structure; I loved the characters, and the cliff-hanger ending was just enough to make me want to keep reading without being devastating. The sequel to this book, The Queen Will Betray You, comes out this summer and you can bet I’ll be reading it. I’m completely in love with all the duologies that are coming out these days, so the end is in sight.

If you read this book or have read this book, let me know your thoughts!

Thank you for reading my review of The Princess Will Save You!



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