The Place for an E-Reader on My Bookshelf

Hello everyone!

This is my first opinion piece on Lit&Leta and I’m so excited. I hope that those of you who also have strong opinions about the topics discussed here will have respectful discussions about them! I’ve been looking for people to talk to about books for a long time, as many of the people in my life read little and if they do, it doesn’t seem to be the same books that I read (other than my mom, who read the Lunar Chronicles before I did).

Today, I wanted to discuss E-Readers. There are a few different brands, including Kobo and Kindle, but they are all based around the same idea: that avid readers would enjoy the ability to carry an infinite number of books around in a thin device. And from what I’ve seen and heard from others in the bookish communities, many bookworms have an e-reader. I, myself, have a Kobo that was my grammas when she was a travelling nurse. So today I’m going to be talking about my feelings about my Kobo.

Overall, I’m not a huge fan. I’m a book-sniffing, page-flipping kind of book dragon. I love the feel and look of books and I collect a lot of them. Both the creaking sound when you first open a brand-new hardcover and the smell of an old and well-loved book make my heart sing. My Kobo is hard, the touch screen is getting old, and it doesn’t smell good at all. It has also started turning my hands black when I touch the back of it for too long. I think that’s just how old it is, though.

The truth is, it isn’t like a book at all. I do marvel at its ability to hold many pages within itself, but it doesn’t give me the same reading experience. I don’t feel like I recall what I’ve read very well, and I’m so much less motivated to read.

The positive is that my Kobo is old enough that the screen isn’t backlit. This means that it’s not at all like reading on another device like a phone or computer. It has a similar look to reading a paper book and doesn’t hurt my eyes at all. It’s miles better than the Kindle books I’ve read on my phone that give me instant headaches.

Another positive is something I already mentioned above. The ability to carry a ton of books around is amazing when I’m travelling or when I need something to throw in my purse to kill time while I sit and wait for the bus. I’m very thankful that it’s an option, but I would still pick a paper book over it every chance I could.

So, that brings me to the statement that is the title of this post. The Place for an E-Reader on my Bookshelf. The answer to that is quite simple: right next to all the other books, waiting for its turn.

Where does your e-reader belong? Do you have one/want one? Are your feelings as mixed as mine, or do you swear by one method of reading? Please let me know in the comments below!

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